Short Term Rental Info

We encourage any resident who is interested in obtaining the status of a property or who is affected by a short-term rental to contact Pinellas County directly with their inquiry.    The County will need to receive a.) the address and owner’s name, b.) evidence of the rental including pictures of vehicles, observations, nature of the behavior of the occupants, and c.) a copy of the advertisement, internet listing or any other media showing that the property is in fact being offered for a short-term rental (i.e., defined as less than 6 months).     Understand that short-term rentals are permitted if the owner is complying with Pinellas County’s Code and state law (i.e., sales tax, etc).    Here is an excerpt from the County’s website:

The person responsible for collecting the rents on any living quarters for a period of six months or less is required to

register with our office to collect and remit the tourist development tax.

Living quarters include any sleeping or housekeeping accommodation in any hotel, motel, apartment house, multiple unit

structure (e.g., duplex, triplex, quadraplex, condominium), rooming house, tourist or mobile home court (e.g., trailer court,

motor court, recreational vehicle camp, single family dwelling, garage apartments, beach house or cottage, cooperatively

owned apartment, condominium parcel, time share resort, mobile home, or any other house.


The person to direct your communication or inquiry regarding Code Enforcement is:

Pinellas County Bldg. Dept., Code Enforcement

Attn: Dorothy Ferrentino

440 Court Street

Clearwater, FL 33756

Phone: 727-464-4761

The person to direct your communication or inquiry regarding the registration of property owners and the tourist development tax (“bed tax”) is:

Pinellas County Tax Collector

Attn: Erin Sullivan, Tourist Dev.

P.O. Box 4007

Seminole, FL 33775-4007

Phone: 727-464-5007

To submit complaints to Airbnb click on the following link: