Court Rules


By authority granted by Pinellas County, the Tierra Verde Community Association hereby sets the following court use rules:

  1. Independent Operation: Each pickleball or tennis court operates as an independent court with its own queue rack.
  2. Style of Play: Each court determines its own style of play, choosing between open play or closed play groups. An open play group is defined as a group of players that allow any walk on player to join in their paddle rotation. A closed play group is defined as a private group of players that do not allow walk-on players to join in their paddle rotation.
  3. Open Play Rules: – Each court decides its own paddle rotation. Limits: No player will remain on the court for more than 3 consecutive games in open court play.
  4. Closed Play Rules:Closed Groups may determine their own paddle rotation. All closed groups must abide by the 1 hour play rule limitation if there are players waiting for a court.
  5. Court Requests: Tennis or Pickleball players can request a closed court for their own use by notifying a specific court and placing a racquet in the holder found on the side of the tennis net. For example, two Pickleball courts must be requested for tennis play. Pickleball players also may request a court by placing a paddle in the same tennis racquet net holder and notifying an individual court of their request. The request starts a maximum 60-minute wait, and at least one player from the requesting group must remain present during this wait time. Requested closed court play time is 60 consecutive minutes and then the closed court returns to open play or transitions to the next group requesting closed court play.
  6. Limit on Court Requests: The same group of players may not request a closed court two hours in a row. At least 50% of the all courts must remain in open play at all times.
  7. Sportsmanship and Etiquette: Good sportsmanship and etiquette are expected from all players.


The TVCA Board unanimously passed these new rules, May 13th, 2024, at their regular Board of Directors Meeting. The Board appreciates all who participated in the process of defining a court use system that is fair to all, as well as, those who will demonstrate their willingness to be good neighbors and follow the new court use rules.



TVCA Board of Directors


To view the history of how these rules were developed please visit this link.