Architectural Review

What Needs ARB Approval?

Declaration 3.20.1 Architectural Review Board (ARB)

3.20.1 The Association shall establish the ARB. All plans and specifications for constructing or improving any and all property or improvements or units

shall commence prior to receiving approval by the ARB that such plans and specifications conform to the Restrictions. Within thirty (30) days after receipt

of such plans and specifications, the ARB shall approve or reject same in whole or part, provided that unless same are approved within said period same shall

be deemed to have been rejected. Only such improvements as are approved by the ARB or the Association shall br erected or maintained by the Grantee.

 Please email all applicable drawings* and requests to ARB Committee Chair Jeff Farrell at [email protected]

*Large drawings may be mailed or dropped off at the TVCA office.

Residents may log in and review ARB approvals here.