Recreation Center News-

The Recreation Center planning continues to progress. County details are available here.

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Grand Canal-

   Grand Canal Gulf of Mexico

Grand Canal Dredge Project has become a design option with the Army Corp of Engineers Pass-A-Grille beach re-nourishment project.

This option, which will require no assessment to Tierra Verde residents, dredges the canal and uses the Grand Canal as a sand source for

future re-nourishment. TVCA expects a decision on the sand source option by the Corp this summer.

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Bayway Project-

FDOT News on project available here.

TVCA Members view detailed project plans here.

Roundabout & 1st Meridian Landscape Plan Details Here.

Pinellas Trail Project Update


Bike Trail

The TVCA has worked closely with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and they have agreed to temporarily close the two way bike trail along the east side of Pinellas Bayway S until permanent pavement marking and signs are installed.

We want to thank FDOT officials for their continued support and commitment to the safety of our TVCA members, business partners and all visitors of our beautiful Tierra Verde Island.

We look forward to working together on this project and all other future projects of mutual concerns.

Larry McKinnon




To TVCA Members,

Earlier this morning we spoke to FDOT managers and they confirmed that the multi-use trail is NOT open for bicycle or pedestrian traffic and will be CLOSED until later this year.  We also spoke with Pinellas County Officials and requested public signage indicating the pathway is CLOSED.  That request is currently being worked on by government officials.

It was also confirmed again that there will be TWO vehicle traffic lanes in both southbound and northbound directions on the Pinellas Bayway.

As has been discussed at multiple past TVCA Members’ monthly meetings, this is not a TVCA project and we were not given an option by FDOT to approve or reject this project. We did have an option to provide input on the design on the project that helped protect the millions of dollars of landscaping and irrigation in front of many residential complexes along the east side of Pinellas Bayway.


The TVCA and community members spoke with FDOT on March 9, 2020, and again on June 11, 2020 when preliminary plans were presented during the planning/study phase and it was strongly opposed.

Widening the existing sidewalk to12ft to provide connectivity of the Pinellas Trail was strongly opposed by the TVCA due to extreme landscaping impacts. FDOT’s solution was to maintain the existing sidewalk for pedestrians and provide an on-street 11ft two-way separated bike lane on the east side of Pinellas Bayway.

This project will add a two-way bicycle lane (11 feet in width) separated from traffic along the east side of Pinellas Bayway from East Shore Boulevard to Yacht Club Lane.

As always, we strongly recommend that our TVCA Members attend our monthly meetings where you can get the latest information on this project and all other projects our Board Members are working on.  If you read social media post that concerns you regarding TVCA business, please contact the TVCA office so you can get accurate information, [email protected], 727.867.9362.

We will send out additional updates on this project as soon as more information becomes available.


Larry McKinnon

Street Lights –

Only the lights in Monte Cristo, Entrada, Sands Point and East Shore and West Shore are affected and paid for with your TVCA HOA dues.

After many years of investigation and consideration we selected the brand new, just made available, Micro 50 LED light fixture mounted on an arm that extends out over the street and it’s a warmer, healthier 3K color of  LED than what we have now.  The pattern of light on the street is much better than current fixtures.

We have examined every pole installation on Tierra Verde, along with the lighting engineer from Duke, to determine which of the 2 available LED patterns available in the fixture will be the optimum for each location.  We are not adding any poles at this time but will simply replace the current poles with these new poles and fixtures and then reassess the lighting before possibly deciding to add a few lights if needed.

We have signed new 10 year lease contracts with Duke and the new contracts will take effect on the date the lights are installed and first energized.  The current lights cost TVCA Homeowners $102,000 last year and don’t effectively light the streets.  These new lights will do a much better job, with a better quality light and only cost us $34,819 a year. This will save us $67,181 or 65% less and will continue to do so, saving us over $670,000 over the 10 years.

Poles should arrive and construction start early to mid May starting with Madonna and Sands Point. Completion by end of June.