Recreation Center News-


County to provide the proposed “Lease & Operating Agreement” to TVCA
before year end to review


• County provided some more sample language but no proposed contract
• County to provide the proposed Agreement before year end
• County expects response from TVCA prior to bid out for construction in late spring


County provided a sample lease agreement and will provide a sample license
agreement for review
• County to provide the draft Agreement this year
• County expects for Agreement to be completed prior to bid – late spring or early
summer 2024


County will host another public meeting, most probably by Zoom, in July

Community Center History

Grand Canal-

   Grand Canal Gulf of Mexico


Grand Canal Plans

Vendor bids have been received by the County and they are in the
procurement process
• Purchasing reviews for recommendation to BOCC
• January – Recommendation goes to BOCC for approval
• After vendor approval, County will host a Community Meeting before dredging
project begins


Late this afternoon, Pinellas County sent the TVCA  the below listed tentative time line for the Grand Canal Dredging Project. This is definitely great news!
  • Issue / advertisement date: September 29, 2023
  • Deadline for written questions: October 6, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.
  • Bid Submittal due date: October 10, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. (for Step 1), November 2, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.(for Step 2)
  • Non-mandatory site visit: October 17, 2023
  • Budget Estimate: $ 1,500,000
  • Estimated Project Duration: 120 consecutive calendar days
  • Project Manager: Rob Burnes 
If you have any questions, please contact the TVCA Office.


Bid package is out on the street.
10/10 – Initial qualifications due
11/2 – Pricing due
Purchasing reviews for recommendation to BOCC
January – Recommendation goes to BOCC for approval


Bid package going thru last county reviews and will be out on the street by the
end of September/beginning of October
Target for starting the dredge project is January/February
• Pinellas County will host another community meeting via Zoom when timeline is more
finalized after vendor procurement to provide project details before dredging begins
• Army Corp of Engineers held a Town Hall on the Pinellas County beach re-
nourishment issue on Friday, September 8th.
• Attended by county commissioners, city elected officials & State Rep Linda
• Stalemate on ACE requirements to have 100% easements on all property for
ACE to pay for re-nourishment, provide Emergency help from FEMA
• Conversations between ACE and Pinellas will continue


Funding Approved for Grand Canal Dredging Project

To All TVCA Members

The TVCA has been notified by Pinellas County that a FY23 Budget Amendment in the amount of $1.7M to fund the Grand Canal Dredging Project has been approved.

This is great news for Tierra Verde. We thank Pinellas County Staff and our County Commissioners for another major milestone crossed to keep this project moving forward.

TVCA Board of Directors

Grand Canal History

Bayway Median Maintenance Background Info


FDOT wants to work with TVCA to replace some parking on the Bayway S that was
removed with the Cycle Track project

2006 Maintenance contract has terminated
• In consideration of new Maintenance contract with the County:
• TVCA Liability and County funding issues remain
• County offered concessions for TVCA not to be responsible for repairing
damage caused by vehicles parking on the median
• County offered concession to specifically limit responsibility, if contract is
terminated, to removing dead shrubs/plants and crushed shell.09/11/2023


• TVCA is currently in our 60 day Termination notice window
• TVCA Attorney working with the County Attorney on a new proposed agreement
• County has a 2017 maintenance agreement with FDOT that expires in 2027
• TVCA Attorney expects we will have a new proposed agreement to review by mid-

TVCA Maintenance Agreement.pdf

08/17/23 Notice of Termination by TVCA of Interagency Agreement and Bayway Landscape Funding Agreement.

Other planned major county projects in TV:

Bridge Replacement-

       Sands Point Bridge                                                                                                                       Madonna Bridge


Received notification from FDOT they will replace the crosswalk (yellow flashing
beacon) where it previously was located during the Roundabout construction. There
will be no elimination of the U-turn/Left turn at Yacht Club lane as FDOT previously


Crosswalk Reinstall South of Round About

FDOT provided proposal that would remove the left turn out of Yacht Club Lane and
eliminating the abilityfor a U-turn where the Bayway lanes merge before the round about
negatively impacting TV residents by forcing that traffic to go thru the round about to
head south on the Bayway
Requested FDOT provide other options to consider


Crosswalk Reinstalled South of Round About
TVCA previously told FDOT would be reinstalling the Crosswalk south of the round
about after the Cycle Track and landscaping was completed
Recently notified by FDOT that installation will not occur with the Cycle Track
Crosswalk must be a new FDOT project and go thru the MPO to receive funding
Time to reinstall the crosswalk is unknown

Past Projects

 Bike path Project Updates-History

Streetlight Project History

Reclaimed Water History