Bayway Median Maintenance

TVCA Bayway Median Maintenance Agreement Update 


Dear TVCA Members,
As of February 20, 2024, the Tierra Verde Community Association (TVCA) continues its dedicated efforts to ensure the proper maintenance of Pinellas Bayway S., serving as a vital gateway to one of Florida’s most picturesque parks.
Since 2017, Pinellas County has been bound by a 10-year DISTRICT SEVEN HIGHWAY LANDSCAPE REIMBURSEMENT AND MAINTENANCE MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT with FDOT, extending until 2027. We’ve urged the County to honor this contract, which delineates responsibilities for Bayway S maintenance.
Despite our advocacy, concerns persist regarding the County’s compliance with the 2017 Maintenance Agreement. Last year, when the County proposed a new maintenance contract, it would have imposed burdensome liabilities on TVCA, prompting us to reject the proposal. For more background info please visit here.
Our fiduciary responsibility to our members compels us to prioritize financial prudence and risk management. Consequently, on August 14, 2023, the TVCA Board took the difficult decision to terminate both the 2006 Maintenance Agreement and the 2018 Funding Agreement with Pinellas County.
While we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the beauty and safety of the Bayway S, we cannot overlook the financial risks associated with assuming undue liabilities. Therefore, we urge our members to direct maintenance requests/complaints to Pinellas County Public Works at [email protected].
Additionally, we implore you to voice your concerns to local and state officials, urging them to uphold their obligations and restore the Bayway S Median to its pristine condition.
For more information please visit or contact the TVCA Office at (727) 867-9362.
Thank you for your unwavering support in resolving this issue promptly.
Larry McKinnon

Grand Canal


Rob Burns, Pinellas County Public Works, provided a GC presentation (Link) at the
February GAC committee meeting, that presentation has been uploaded to the
TVCA website.
Pinellas County will host a Community Meeting, looking at the week off 2/26, to
present, provide a project timeline, and provide an opportunity for members to
ask questions regarding the canal dredging project
All the GC sand will go to Pass-a-Grille
Permit issued is good for 10 years
Interval and funding for future dredging post-construction has not been projected

Rec Center


County Rec Center Presentation


Pinellas County Rec Center Update Website

Project Manager for the project provided a walk thru of the Rec Center
Catering/Warming Kitchen
Crushed shell on the bottom
Capacity of 160
Lights under the building
Dry pond for water retention
Drought resistant landscaping
Final design – Mid to late March
Asked County to confirm there will be a security system
Asked County what they will be providing on ground floor
Phase 2 for 3 new pickleball courts are not funded yet
A next step is to schedule meeting with a contact at Palm Harbor for due
diligence on how they handle their daily operations and logistics for their
Community Center lease with the County


County provided the proposed “Lease & Operating Agreement” to TVCA
• Proposed Agreement has been sent to the Board members and the TVCA
attorney for review
• Provided a contact at Palm Harbor to meet with to discuss daily operations
and logistics of their Community Center lease with the County
• At next GAC meeting, we will have a walk-thru of the design with the project


County to provide the proposed “Lease & Operating Agreement” to TVCA before year end to review. 3rd request.


County to provide the proposed “Lease & Operating Agreement” to TVCA
before year end to review


• County provided some more sample language but no proposed contract
• County to provide the proposed Agreement before year end
• County expects response from TVCA prior to bid out for construction in late spring


County provided a sample lease agreement and will provide a sample license
agreement for review
• County to provide the draft Agreement this year
• County expects for Agreement to be completed prior to bid – late spring or early
summer 2024


County will host another public meeting, most probably by Zoom, in July

Community Center History

Sports Complex Maintenance Agreement 


Expires March 2024, requested County provide TVCA copy of new Agreement asap for our review.

Old pickleball nets were donated to the Special Olympics.


Bike/Cycle Track


• Met with FDOT to review a proposal for adding back parking on the west side
of the Bayway S
• Parking will be added back by removing some but not all of the concrete
• Based on our review of FDOT’s initial proposal, we requested changes be
made to add more parking than initially proposed for each condo to have a
parking area in front
• FDOT to review our changes, respond back and provide a cost estimate
• FDOT Projects under 500K can go thru their Fast Response process

Crosswalk Reinstall South of Round About
Received final design from FDOT that does not eliminate the U-turn capability at
Yacht Club Lane
TVCA will send letter approving the design to FDOT


Proposed Crosswalk


Requested County’s support in working with FDOT to replace some parking on the Bayway S that was removed with the Cycle Track project.

County has been informed that FDOT is working with Duke Energy for where Duke’s trucks will park when work begins in TV on the underground utilities.

Requested County’s support in working with FDOT to replace the crosswalk (yellow flashing beacon) where it previously was located after the roundabout.


Received notification from FDOT they will replace the crosswalk (yellow flashing
beacon) where it previously was located during the Roundabout construction. There
will be no elimination of the U-turn/Left turn at Yacht Club lane as FDOT previously


Crosswalk Reinstall South of Round About

FDOT provided proposal that would remove the left turn out of Yacht Club Lane and
eliminating the ability for a U-turn where the Bayway lanes merge before the round about
negatively impacting TV residents by forcing that traffic to go thru the round about to
head south on the Bayway
Requested FDOT provide other options to consider


Crosswalk Reinstalled South of Round About
TVCA previously told FDOT would be reinstalling the Crosswalk south of the round
about after the Cycle Track and landscaping was completed
Recently notified by FDOT that installation will not occur with the Cycle Track
Crosswalk must be a new FDOT project and go thru the MPO to receive funding
Time to reinstall the crosswalk is unknown

 Bike path Project Updates-History



Other planned major county projects in TV:

Bridge Replacement-

       Sands Point Bridge                                                                                                                       Madonna Bridge


Past Projects

Streetlight Project History

Reclaimed Water History