Board of Directors and Committees

Our Board

Larry McKinnon-  President- Pinellas Bayway

Jeff Farrell-Vice President – East Shore/West Shore Sands Point

Phil Bergquist-2nd Vice President -Monte Cristo

John Randall- Treasurer –  Monte Cristo

Randy Ierna- Secretary –  Bayway

Ron Schalter-East Shore/West Shore Sands Point

Sharon Calvert– Bayway

Cynthia Hoffman- Entrada

Jerry Frulio- Pinellas Bayway


Committee & Chair

Architectural Review Committee – Jeff Farrell

Bylaws Committee – Cynthia Hoffman

Camera Committee – Phil Bergquist

Election Committee – Cynthia Hoffman

Finance Committee – John Randall

Government Affairs Committee – Sharon Calvert

Maintenance Committee – Jerry Frulio

Major Projects Committee – Jerry Frulio

Street Light Committee – John Randall