Letter to Builders from the Tierra Verde Community Association

Dear Homeowner and Contractor:

Homeowners/Contractors are required to submit all proposed plans for new construction and additions, as well as plans for fences, pools, decks and seawall repairs and replacements, to the Tierra Verde Community Association, Inc. for review and approval by the Architectural Review Board.

Tierra Verde is a deed-restricted community and has restrictions and covenants that may be more restrictive than Pinellas County building requirements. The restrictions and covenants run with the property. Enforcement of these documents benefits all property owners by increasing property values and providing a beautiful, safe environment in which to live.

Provisions for the Architectural Review Board are detailed in the Amended and Restated Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants, as recorded in the Public Records of Pinellas County on September 14, 1994. The 'ARB' is referenced in Article 3, Section 3.020, Items .1 and .2. Briefly, this empowerment states:

All plans and specifications for constructing or improving any and all property or improvements or units shall be submitted for approval by the 'ARB' and no construction shall commence prior to receiving such approval. Only such improvements as are approved by the 'ARB' or the Association shall be erected or maintained by the Grantee. The Association Board is authorized to grant variances or exceptions from the Restrictions or applicable rules, standards, regulations and procedures established by the 'ARB' where hardship due to special conditions or circumstances is present, providing, however, that variances do not adversely affect the uniform development and quality of the community. Variance applications must be presented in writing to the Association Board .

Attached is a checklist of requirements for plan review. Many approval delays can be eliminated if the checklist is closely followed. The 'ARB' strives to maintain the high standards expected of Tierra Verde. We ask for your cooperation in this effort by submitting complete plans for your particular construction needs.

Please feel free to contact the Association office if you have any questions or require additional information.



Board of Directors

Architectural Review Board

WP: ARB.FOR (6/98)